About Us | Strollers, Child Carseats Babypoint

About Us | Strollers, Child Carseats Babypoint

Since our company was founded in 1995 is our activity connected with baby products. On the very beginning we were operating a store with strollers in Příbram. But in 1996, we had introduced our first wholesale collection, which were renewed and expanded gradually. Development of the company was distinguishable in retail as well. Besides the store in Příbram, we have opened 3 more stores with baby products in fallowing years.

The more company growth, the closer the serious decision was. Will we continue with the retail stores or with the wholesale? We chose the second possibility and that is how the new phase in our history began. First wholesale offers were based on brands like Roan, Deltim, or later Baby Dreams. The most of our suppliers were unable to innovate to the products as we requested. Thereby we were losing our advantage of feedback from our retailers and customers. This was the reason why we have started to think about our own brand. Our ideas had been realized step by step and finally, we introduced new brand named Babypoint in 2007. Our first product was highchair Fábula.

Besides designing and assigning the production, we also distribute few selected brands. In 2004 we have introduced X-lander in Czech Republic. On the beginning, it seemed to be impossible to succeed with so different strollers. Anyway, we believed in the brand, helped to create it, innovate to the assortment and today you can see strollers X-lander during every walk.
With polish brand Coneco we started in 2004. As time goes by, our role has changed and nowadays is Coneco a distributor of Babypoint in Poland.
Another important brand is a Norwegian BeSafe. This Scandinavian producer of car seats is really focused on the baby’s safety, what was the main reason why we established cooperation in 2010.
In 2011 we presented our new brand - Newbuddy. This is more economical brand, which attracts customers especially by its price. In the same year we arranged cooperation with German producer of Outdoor strollers – TFK. We are exklusive distributor of this brand in Czech and Slovakia. In 2012 we became a Czech distributor of brand Navington and these strollers we have started to sell in Slovakia together with brand X-lander.

Present time
How to summarize our present activity? In Czech Republic we supply more than 200 contractual partners and export assortment of Babypoint and NewBuddy into 10 countries. In Slovakia is our aktivity increasing and we supply there more than 40 shops. In Central Bohemian village Konětopy we operate a self-sufficient company with satisfactory storage space, we employ a professional staff and our offer is based on quality brands. The vast majority of our assortment is on stock, so any customer need not to wait a long time for his product. We finished a spare parts warehouse and thus we even increase the level of functioning of our service department.

And how are our plans and ideas? After few years of business recession we are feet on the ground. We work on new collections, deal about expansion into new countries and maybe we will introduce a new brand in our range soon.


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